DivX 7 for Windows software bundle

What is included in DivX 7 for Windows (free bundle)?

  • DivX Player 7.0 with H.264/MKV/AAC playback with 30-day trial of DFX Audio Enhancer
  • DivX Community Codec and DivX Plus HD (H.264) DirectShow filters
  • DivX Web Player (browser plug-in)
  • DivX Converter 7.0 with DivX Plus HD (H.264/MKV/AAC) output (15-day trial)
  • DivX Pro Codec (15-day trial)

What is included in DivX 7 Pro for Windows (paid) bundle?

We are no longer selling DivX 7 software and we now have a newer version available - DivX Plus for Windows. You can find more information about DivX Plus from here:

Learn more about DivX Plus for Windows

If you purchased DivX Pro 7 in the past and are looking for the software you can still download it here:

DivX 7.2 Download

How do I register my DivX 7 Pro for Windows?

All you need to register the DivX 7 Pro for Windows software is the Serial Number included in Your Order Summary. There are THREE EASY STEPS TO REGISTER DivX Pro 7 for Windows:

  1. 1. Open your START menu
  3. 3. Enter your Serial Number in the space provided and click the REGISTER button.

That's it! If your Serial Number disappears and the registration status changes to 'Registered', your DivX software is registered and ready to use!

What if I don't want to install or want to uninstall the H.264 DirectShow Filters?

If you do not want to install the MKV/H.264/AAC DirectShow Filters on your system, you can simply unselect them from the list at the appropriate step in the installation process. (The Installation Wizard will prompt you through each step.) Please keep in mind, however, that the DivX Plus HD DirectShow Filters for decoding MKV/H.264/AAC are set to a Low Merit so they should not override any other decoders or MKV file splitters set as the defaults on your system.

If you have already installed these with the DivX 7 for Windows software but would like to remove them, you can do so in one of two ways. Your first option is to use the 'Add or Remove Programs' function in your Control Panel. Simply select the 'DivX Plus DirectShow Filters' from the list and click the Remove button. Your second option is to go to your Start menu & All Programs & DivX & DivX Plus DirectShow Filters and select the option 'Remove the DivX Plus DirectShow Filters'.

I want to learn more about DivX 7 for Windows, where do I go?

We have an abundance of online support resources for you to learn how to use DivX products. Take a look at our DivX 7 Player for Windows User Guide, some video tutorials or other FAQs.