How to add .srt subtitles to your DivX Plus HD files.

If you have created a DivX Plus HD file using DivX Converter 7, then you can easily add your .srt subtitles to the file using the steps below:

  • 1. Download and install MKV toolnix:
  • 2. Go to C:\\Program Files\\MKVtoolnix and open mmg.exe
  • 3. Drag your MKV file and your .srt file into the MKV merge application (or click the 'add' button and add them manually).
  • 4. Set your desired output name and output location (and double check that the extension will be .mkv). Hit the 'start muxing' button.

You now have a DivX Plus HD file with subtitles. You can activate them in DivX Player by opening the file, right clicking on the video, and selecting your desired subtitle track.