How to register your DivX Certified device with the DivX Plus Player and watch your purchased DivX VOD content?


DivX connects the movies you can purchase or rent online to your electronics devices through your computer and the DivX software. To play purchased DivX movies on a DivX Certified® device (DVD Player, PlayStation®3, etc.), you’ll need to complete a one-time DivX VOD registration.

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Registering your device for DivX VOD is a simple, one-time setup process. All you need is the DivX VOD code from your device, the DivX Player installed on your computer, and a free DivX Account.


Read on to get a detailed, step-by-step explanation of the process we’ve shown you above. Once you have your device’s code, you are ready to get started.

Download DivX Player

Make sure you have the latest version of the DivX Player (v8.0 Windows and v7.2 Mac) installed on your computer.

Create a DivX Account

You’ll need a DivX Account before you can watch your purchased DivX VOD content—whether it’s on your computer or a on a DivX Certified® device.

To easily create a DivX Account, open DivX Player, go to the VOD menu, and click “Create a DivX Account…” Enter your information in the spaces provided and click “Create Account”.

Register the computer

Once you have created a new DivX Account or have logged into an existing one, your computer will be automatically registered to that account. You will then be able to play any purchased DivX VOD content on your computer.  

Register a device

To watch your purchased DivX content on a DivX Certified device, you need to complete a one-time registration. You can register up to five DivX Certified devices to your DivX account.

To register your DivX Certified device, open DivX Player, go to the VOD menu, and click “Register a DivX Certified device…” Log in or create your DivX Account if you have not done so already.

Enter registration code & device name

1. Enter the DivX VOD registration code for your device: To find your code, check the on-screen setup menus of the device or your device’s user manual. It will be a code of either 8 or 10 characters under a DivX VOD menu.

Problems with your VOD code? Make sure you’ve correctly entered a code of either 8 or 10 alpha-numeric characters. Make sure your device is DivX Certified by looking for the logo or checking our complete list of certified models.

2. Create a device name: This is a nickname that will help you easily recognize the device in your VOD Manager later on. Try using something simple that describes the device (like “PlayStation 3” or “Living Room DVD Player”) or the device’s brand name. Click the “Next” button to continue.

Save file

3. Download your registration video to play on your device: Choose a location on your computer where the registration video file will be saved. Pick something easy like ‘Desktop’ or ‘My Videos’ so you know where to find it. Then click the “Next” button again to go on.

You will see a progress bar that illustrates how much of the download has completed. Once the download of your registration video is completed, click “Next” to continue.

Transfer file

4. Transfer your video: Once your registration video is downloaded, it needs to be transferred to the device where you will play it. To learn how to do this, please visit our DivX To Go instructions here.

Play file

5. Play your registration video: The final step in the registration process is to play your registration video on your device. Just put the burned disc or USB drive with your registration video in your device, or navigate your device’s networked or built-in storage file menus to select your registration video. When the brief registration video is finished playing, you’re done! Your device is ready for you to watch your purchased DivX VOD content whenever you want.

You only need to complete this registration once for each DivX Certified device that you want to play purchased DivX VOD content.

Having difficulties burning or playing the activation file or any other DivX files to a CD or DVD?

Please check the technical specifications in the user manual of your DivX Certified device for the compatible CD and DVD formats. Many DVD Players only accept "-R" disks (i.e. CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-RW) and do not accept "+R" disks (i.e. DVD+R). If you are not able to play your DivX video that was burned to CD/DVD+R, re-burn it to a CD/DVD-R and try again.