How do I transfer video files to my device with DivX To Go?

In the new DivX Plus Player you can now transfer you video files to your DivX Certified Device using DivX To Go. Follow these steps:

1. Click on the Device pane button to open the Device pane

2. Click on the device you want to transfer your video files to in the Device pane. Or drag and drop videos from your Video Library or from anywhere on your computer to the device

3. DivX To Go will be launched, click Next on the Welcome Screen

4. Choose the type of DivX device you have:

  • DivX: This selection is the default and recommended if you are not sure which type of device you have. A DivX Certified device supports high definition DivX files (.avi or .divx up to 576p)
  • DivX HD: A DivX HD Certified device supports standard definition DivX files (.avi or .divx up to 1080p)
  • DivX Plus HD: A DivX Plus HD Certified device supports high definition DivX or DivX Plus HD files (.avi, .divx or .mkv up to 1080p)
To learn more about DivX Certification and how to know if your device is certified go here.

Note: If your file is not in the correct format for your device it will be converted before it is transferred.

5. Select how you would like to transfer videos to your device:

  • Burn to disc
  • Copy to a USB device

6. Insert a Disc or USB device if you have not already

7. Add/delete video files for transfer (or if there is a video loaded in your Player or you dragged and dropped one on the device pane, it should appear in the list).

8. Click Start

When the transfer is complete simple insert your DVD/CD disc or USB drive into your DivX Certified device, select the title you want to view and select play.

Once you complete a transfer for your device, the next time you transfer all your selections will be remembered and the Files screen will be launched.