DivX Plus Web Player 2.1.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is DivX HiQ?

A: DivX HiQ boosts web video playback quality and performance by switching to the DivX Plus Web Player on popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion so you can enjoy web videos with fewer interruptions, smoother playback, lower CPU usage, and better battery life. More information can be found here.

Q: How can I set DivX HiQ to be my default web video player?

A: DivX HiQ can be set as your default web video player (on supported sites) by clicking on the gear icon on the HiQ menu bar and checking the box “Make DivX Plus Web Player my default web video player”.

Q: How can I enable DXVA H.264 acceleration?

A: Please follow these steps to enable DXVA H.264 acceleration:

  • Right-click on DivX Plus Web Player and click on “Preferences”
  • Click on the “Video Playback” tab
  • Click the checkbox for “Enable hardware video decoding acceleration”

Q: Can I disable DivX HiQ?

A: DivX HiQ can be disabled using your browser’s extension manager. This can be found in the following locations for each browser:

  • Chrome: Click the “Wrench” icon on the toolbar->Tools->Extensions
  • Firefox: Tools->Add-ons->Extensions
  • Internet Explorer: Tools->Manage Add-ons
  • Safari: Safari->Preferences->Extensions

Q: Can I uninstall DivX HiQ?

A: Yes, but DivX HiQ is part of the DivX Plus Web Player. They can be removed together through “Add/Remove Programs” on Windows, and using “Uninstall DivX for Mac” in the DivX applications folder on Mac OS X.

Known Issues

  • DXVA H.264 decode acceleration may experience graphic corruption with older ATI, nVidia, and Intel video card drivers
  • DXVA H.264 acceleration is disabled by default
  • Video frames don’t change while seeking if DXVA is enabled
  • Extensions don’t install properly in Safari 5.0.2 if the application is open during install
  • DivX HiQ currently only supports videos with an available MP4 formatted version of the file
  • DivX Extensions for Google Chrome may not install correctly