What is the DivX Converter MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in?

The DivX Converter MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in allows the DivX Converter to decode MPEG-2 input files so that they may be converted. The MPEG-2/DVD plug-in is an optional component of the DivX Converter, though it is required in order to convert files that have an MPEG-2 video stream such as .mpg, .mpeg, .vob and .ts files. The DivX Converter will function without this plug-in but will not accept MPEG-2 files for input. The MPEG-2/DVD plug-in comes installed with the free DivX Converter 15 day trial. After the trial period expires, you may purchase the DivX Converter MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in for 9.99 if you wish to continue converting MPEG-2 files to DivX media files.

Click here to purchase only the MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in.

The DivX Converter MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in and Registration

After purchasing the Plug-in you do not need to download or install any additional software. Simply enter the serial numbers you receive in your order confirmation email into Start--> Programs--> DivX--> DivX Converter--> Register Products, and the Plug-in will be enabled for you automatically. You should see the status of the 'DivX MPEG2 Plug-in' change from 'trial active' to 'registered' after entering your serial number(s).