What is the DivX VOD registration code on a DivX Certified Device?

What is the DivX VOD registration code on a DivX Certified Device?

If you have a DivX Certified device, you may have noticed a DivX VOD registration code somewhere in the on-screen menus of your device.

The DivX VOD code can be used to activate your DivX Certified device for playback of DivX Video-On-Demand (VOD) content bought online.

We do not offer any DivX videos on our website, but you can buy or rent DivX videos online from one of our VOD partners (see the VOD content FAQ).  After you buy or rent a video from a partner's website, you can download the video to your computer for playback in DivX Player.  Once downloaded, your VOD content can also be played back on any DivX Certified device that is registered to your DivX VOD account.

If you wish to register your device for DivX VOD (video on demand) playback, you can follow the instructions in this video tutorial:


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PS3 users can watch this video http://support.divx.com/faq/view/supportFAQen107

It should be noted that you do not need to register your device in order to play back non-VOD DivX files.  All DivX Certified devices are capable out-of-the-box to play (non-VOD) DivX videos burned to CD or DVD.  If you have DivX files on your computer, for example, you can simply burn them to a blank disk using DivX Player and play them on your device. Also, should be noted that upgrading the firmware on your device from Home Theater 2.2 to 3.0 may erase all DivX VOD user information. In this case you will just need to re-register your device for DivX VOD.

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