Certified Programs

DivX Certified® Programs offer a development and verification process that allows consumer electronics manufacturers and software publishers to integrate support for free and premium DivX® video into their products.


The DivX Certified Program for HEVC ensures support for the creation and playback of DivX HEVC video (MKV with AAC or MP3 audio) up to a maximum resolution of 4096x2160 pixels. DivX HEVC Ultra HD (4K) is targeted to large screen TVs 60” and up, while DivX HEVC 720p and 1080p is targeted to mobile phones, tablets and smaller television sets.

DivX Home Theater

The DivX Certified® Program ensures support for DivX® video creation and/or playback. Devices such as DVD players, portable media players and digital televisions may be DivX Certified. DivX Certified also supports a DivX Mobile profile created specifically and optimized for mobile devices. Digital cameras, DVD recorders and software programs that create DivX video may also be DivX Certified.


The DivX Certified® Program for HD ensures support for creation and playback of DivX video up to HD 720p and HD 1080p. Devices such as Blu-ray disc players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes and digital televisions; and recording devices and software programs that create DivX video up to HD 720p and HD 1080p may be DivX Certified for HD.

DivX Plus HD

The DivX Certified Program® for DivX Plus® HD provides the most comprehensive level of certification that includes support for DivX® and DivX Plus video up to HD 1080p. High definition devices such as Blu-ray disc players, gaming consoles, digital televisions and set-top boxes may be DivX Certified for DivX Plus HD.

DivX Qualified™

The DivX Qualified™ Program for licensed IC and IP Core Providers enforces an interoperability standard for IC components intended for integration into DivX-compatible consumer electronics devices. At a minimum, a DivX Qualified technology solution must support the DivX video codec requirement. It may additionally support the audio codec, video subtitle, multimedia and DivX DRM requirements of the program. Distribution of the DivX Qualified components is limited to licensed DivX partners, and all devices designed with these components are required to complete the DivX Certified process in order to bear the DivX Logo.