Multi-Screen HEVC Playback

Reliable cross-platform playback is critical to driving successful adoption of the HEVC standard. It convinces professional content creators to add HEVC into their workflows and gives content retailers the confidence to launch HEVC-based entertainment services.

DivX® is dedicated to enabling HEVC content compatibility across every screen. DivX Player and Web Player provide playback on personal computers, and our DivX 10 software can convert personal videos to DivX HEVC. We also provide players for protected HEVC distribution and playback to Android devices. For interoperability across consumer electronics devices, our DivX HEVC development and certification kits provide a complete testing and verification program that allows CE manufacturers to integrate playback support for DivX HEVC video up to 4K.

Only the DivX complete HEVC solution offers professional and consumer content creation tools, protected distribution capabilities and an enhanced playback experience across all devices.