DivX Secure Streaming Solution
Our solution enables Pay TV Operators, Broadcasters, Channels, OTT Services and In-Flight Entertainment system vendors to create, securely distribute and play over-the-top video across a wide array of screens including mobile and smart TVs.
Take Your Pick
DivX can provide an enhanced experience to any kind of OTT service whether it’s Live TV, Catch-up TV, Authenticated VOD, Network PVR and In-Flight Entertainment.
Flexible Purchase & Viewing Options
DivX® DRM is Hollywood-approved and supports all popular purchase models including purchase (EST), subscription, time-based rental and ad supported. You can also offer your viewers the flexibility to view their content using streaming (adaptive bit rate), download to device for offline viewing, or side-load/stream to another device.
Improve Quality of Service
Providing an experience that drives repeat usage is key. DivX improves your quality of service, reducing customer service costs and increasing repeat usage.
  • DivX quickstart technology ensures DivX is first to frame 1, reducing the amount of time spent watching the spinning wheel and keeping viewers engaged.
  • DivX encoding profiles and device certification enable your service to reduce buffering, reducing the number of viewers that quit a program before its finished.
Differentiate Your Over-The-Top Service
With so many on-demand services for viewers to choose from, providing an experience that sets your service apart from the competition is crucial. DivX helps you deliver an enhanced experience that will keep viewers engaged and give your service a competitive edge.
Advanced Features
Full frame smooth trick play (like DVD and Blu-ray), smooth resolution transitions, alternative audio tracks and chapter points
4K Playback
Deliver stunning 4K Ultra HD content, by streaming or download, to smart TVs, PCs and set-top boxes
Reduced Buffering
Lose the spinning wheel and increase viewer retention and satisfaction with quickstart technology.
Efficient Delivery
Distribute HD content using the more efficient HEVC codec over networks that were previously unreachable or could only manage to stream SD
Reduce Costs
Launching and maintaining an OTT service can be costly. With tight margins and potential low return, reducing operating costs can make the difference between a service succeeding or failing. DivX provides a range of cost saving technologies that will help you increase profitability.
  • Support international territories with a single video file, reducing CDN costs, DivX late binding technology enables you to deliver localized audio and subtitles on-the-fly so you only have to store the video once.
  • HEVC reduces both CDN bandwidth and storage costs. DivX supports HEVC across the entire supply chain: encoding, packaging, DRM and playback.
  • Efficiently scale across devices with reduced engineering and QA costs. Thanks to DivX certification you can quickly launch your service across DivX Certified® devices with the peace of mind that playback will work without additional engineering or QA.
Extend Audience Reach
The success of your service depends on the number of viewers that use it. Driving audience growth is all about supporting the broadest range of devices possible in a cost effective way. DivX enables you to extend your reach to over 1 billion DivX devices and reach networks other solutions simply cannot reach.
The DivX Certified devices include an addressable device base of over 1 billion.
Support for iOS, Android, web, PC, Mac, game consoles, set-top boxes and smart TVs.
HEVC unlocks access to lower bandwidth networks and devices that couldn’t previously be reached with legacy codecs.
DivX has been optimized for multi-language deployments making it affordable to address multiple territorries at once.
We provide everything you need to integrate the DivX experience into your OTT service of platform.
Content Preparation
  • Encode, encrypt and package video for secure delivery
Protected Content Delivery
  • Hollywood-approved DivX DRM for secure streaming and download
Multi-Screen Playback
  • Multi-platform playback up to 4K: PC, Mac, web, Android, iOS, smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles and Blu-ray players
Secure Players Included
The DivX secure streaming solution includes all of the secure players your service needs to deploy DivX across multiple screens including secure players for iOS, Android, web and CE devices.
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