Play MPEG-4 Video With DivX

MPEG-4 is a widely used video file format that is known for its high-quality video and audio compression. Given its usefulness, you likely have MPEG-4 videos (often in an MP4 container) and need a way to enjoy them. Note that MP4 is a video container, and MPEG-4 is a video compression format that is often used within an MP4 file container. Get more info. Fortunately, MPEG-4 video and MP4 video files work in DivX Player.

It’s simple and free to play MPEG-4 video in DivX Player. To begin, follow these quick setup instructions. 

  1. Install free DivX Software for Windows or Mac
  2. Open DivX Player
  3. Drag your video file onto DivX Player and begin watching your MPEG-4 files

That’s it! Just install DivX Software, open the video player and you can begin playing your videos. 

DivX Player

The free DivX Player handles playback of MPEG-4 video. MPEG-4 video, which is often in an .mp4 file, has numerous benefits such as: 

High Compression: One of the primary benefits of MPEG-4 video is its high compression capability. This means that MPEG-4 videos can be compressed to a small size while maintaining high video and audio quality.

High-quality video: Despite its high compression, MPEG-4 video maintains a high-quality video output, with excellent image resolution, detail, and color depth. This is due to the format’s efficient compression algorithms, which minimize loss of information while compressing the video file.

Multi-platform compatibility: MPEG-4 video is compatible with multiple platforms, including desktop computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and smart TVs. This makes it a versatile format for video content, as it can be played across different devices and operating systems.

Multi-language support: MPEG-4 video allows for the inclusion of multiple audio and subtitle tracks, making it an excellent choice for videos with different language options. 

Given the value of MPEG-4 video, it’s essential to have a powerful video player. An MPEG-4 video player like DivX Player can offer high-quality playback, compatibility, versatility, customization options, and additional features.

Additionally, if you have a video that you want to convert into an MP4 file, DivX Converter (also part of the free DivX Software suite) is a simple and quick solution. Read up on how to convert a variety of video formats into MP4.

Free DivX Software Download>>

AVI, MP4, MPEG-4, and other file types may be encoded using DivX’s proprietary technology, including DivX’s patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual property rights. DivX reserves all rights. 

Convert DivX to MP4

This may come as no surprise, but we at DivX think DivX video is great! DivX video’s high-quality and small file size and can be played back on over 1 billion DivX devices (devices like DivX Certified TVs, in-car players, Blu-ray players and more). DivX playback across screensHowever, some unfortunate souls may not have a DivX Certified device and still want to watch a DivX video on their phone, TV, etc. One easy solution is to convert your DivX video into an MP4 video. 

Good news! It’s simple to create MP4 video with the free DivX Software suite installed. The software includes the DivX Player and DivX Converter for high-quality video playback and converting. Here are the steps to convert DivX video to MP4:  

  1. Install free DivX desktop software
  2. Open DivX Converter
  3. Drag your video file onto DivX Converter
  4. Pick a profile (in this case MP4) and click “Start”

Convert to MP4

There you go – you just converted DivX to MP4 using free DivX software. Now your file will play back on a huge variety of devices including iPhone, iPads and more.

Along with converting DivX video, get additional information on how to convert AVI, MKV, MOV and MPEG video to MP4.

Want more information? Read about DivX Software or visit our Support section to get answers on all things DivX (here’s a direct link to FAQs about DivX Converter). 

Good luck and good converting!

Not-So-Scary Halloween Comedy Movie Trivia

It’s the time of year when everyone embraces the dark and frightening themes of Halloween. Every TV show, candy brand and TV commercial features something creepy. For those of us that don’t love scary things, we can’t wait for November 1 to roll around and be done with the frights. For you fellow scaredy-cats  — and everyone else, really — we present Halloween Comedy Movie Trivia. We may have been a little ‘fast and loose’ with the definition of a “Halloween Movie”, but it’s not like we’re calling Die Hard a Christmas movie. (We can debate that another day…)


Scroll down to find the correct answers (and the movie’s trailer). Grab yourself a cup of coffee and GOOD LUCK!

Coffee with ghost

  1.  Say his name three times and he appears, but it’s not the Candyman … although he was the Batman.


  1. Of all the experiences at Disneyland, they made a movie out of this one? Even Eddie Murphy in his prime couldn’t get this movie above a 14% Rotten Tomatoes score.


  1. There are many zombie apocalypse movies, but this one is the funniest (and the best use of a cricket bat). He needs to straighten his tie, straighten out his life, and get things straightened up with his ex before … you know … zombies eat his friends and family. 


  1. A story of “Fleshies” vs ghosts sounds like it’s going to get gruesome, but this 1995 ‘friendly’ film will still allow you to fall asleep … even if your bed brand name is the same as the title of this movie. 


  1. There was another movie about reviving a dead pet that still freaks me out (Pet Sematary, yikes). Fortunately, this tale of reviving Sparky is much more fun. Yes it’s Tim Burton, it’s Halloween-themed and it’s stop-motion animation … but which movie is it? 


  1. If you’re going to name your kid after a day of the week, you better make sure she’s as calm, cool and confident as the daughter in this movie. Although they’re creepy and kooky, I always wanted to be in this family. 


  1. Apparently all the classic monsters (mummies, Frankenstein’s monsters, vampires, wolfmen/women, etc.) need a place to get away now and then — especially when the resort owner’s daughter is celebrating her 18th (checks notes …) make that 118th birthday! 


  1. Inventors creating creepy living creatures is a staple of monster tales (thank you Dr. Frankenstein), but sometimes they die before the project is complete. It could’ve been worse — he could’ve used rocks or paper to finish the job.  


  1. Puberty is challenging for everyone … but it’s even more interesting when you start turning into a werewolf. And who knew that werewolves were so good at basketball? (Just realized that a Fox turned into a Wolf in this movie.)


  1. If it’s about ghosts, does it kinda make it a “Halloween movie”? Much like the immortal question of “Who let the dogs out?”, this movie posed the powerful question, “Who ya gonna call?”





No Cheating 










1. Beetlejuice (1988)

2. The Haunted Mansion (2003)

3. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

4. Casper (1995)

5. Frankenweenie (2012)

6. Addams Family (1991)

7. Hotel Transylvania (2012)

8. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

9. Teen Wolf (1985)

10. Ghostbusters (1984)

How’d you do? Did you get them all? And, yes, I know some of these aren’t technically “Halloween” movies (Teen Wolf and Ghostbusters … and Beetlejuice and probably Hotel Transylvania), but close enough.

Header photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Coffee photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Halloween Movie Trivia

With Halloween around the corner, we thought we’d test your skills at Halloween movie trivia. Below are ten clues to ten of the top scariest movies of all time. Scroll down for the answers and see how you do. (FYI: The answers are linked to the movie trailer.)

Halloween Movie Trivia

  1. Call me a dull boy, but I’ve never tried Red Rum, and I’m not interested.
  2. The top three things to consider when buying a new home are location, location, location … and ensuring that location is not on an old cemetery. Also, make sure you get a good cable provider. You don’t want your TV to have a bunch of static.
  3. “After school got out we, ya know, worked on our tans, went to some parties and, like, may have killed a guy.”
  4. As if hockey goalies weren’t scary enough, this movie kinda sealed the deal.
  5. At least Brad Pitt didn’t sparkle in the sunlight.
  6. No map, no tissues and clearly no tripod.
  7. For sale: A lovely 2-story tract house in a nice San Diego neighborhood. This house features crown molding, a walk-in closet, and a tortured demon.
  8. Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? Is it TimBurtontastic? Definitely.
  9. This movie is why I don’t go to motels. Or use a shower curtain. Or shower at all, for that matter.
  10. Sadly, this may be when many people first heard of fava beans. And why we get the chills if we see lotion in a basket.

Answers Below….

No cheating….

  1. The Shining
  2. Poltergeist
  3. I Know What You Did Last Summer
  4. Friday the 13th
  5. Interview with the Vampire
  6. The Blair Witch Project
  7. Paranormal Activity
  8. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  9. Psycho
  10. Silence of the Lambs

How’d you do? Not sure if you should be proud or a bit frightened if you got them all correct.

Happy Halloween!

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