DivX Plus Streaming Featured on Broadcom-Powered Set-Top Box Solutions at IBC 2012

As recently announced on the Broadcom Connected blog, Broadcom’s IPTV set-top box platform has achieved DivX Plus® Streaming Certification.
“By supporting the very latest in DivX Plus Streaming capabilities, Broadcom continues to deliver the next-generation in digital living – enabling users to easily download, stream and enjoy content virtually anywhere, anytime,” said Stuart Thomson, senior director of product marketing, Broadcom.
With our DivX Plus Streaming™ technology built in, Broadcom’s products will power the instant delivery of a streaming video solution up to 1080p HD that dynamically adjusts to deliver the best visual quality based on available bandwidth. But with us, it’s always been about more than just the video. That’s why we’re proud to note that DivX Plus Streaming is complete with Blu-ray-like features, including smooth FF/RW, multilingual subtitles, instant playback across devices, and the ability to “download to own.”
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