Stunning MKV on Your TV

Plus HD Electronics

With the introduction of DivX Plus HD certified devices, you can now easily enjoy the spectacular quality of MKV video on your TV. A DivX Plus HD device has earned our highest level of certification and has been tested to guarantee playback of your DivX (.avi and .divx) and DivX Plus (.mkv) files including purchased Hollywood movies. DivX Plus HD devices offer the most comprehensive and highest quality playback experience. You'll find DivX Plus HD certification in Blu-ray players, HDTVs, Set-top boxes and multimedia storage devices.

  • In addition to guaranteed playback of DivX video, a DivX Plus HD device plays the advanced MKV features only available with a DivX Plus video.

  • Multiple Subtitles & Audio Tracks:

    Support for up to eight subtitle and audio tracks in a single movie.

  • Smooth FF/RW:

    Unlike choppy fast-forward and rewind on DVD or Blu-ray discs, you can navigate fluidly through DivX Plus video.

  • Auto-generated Chapters:

    Access chapter points in your video when no chapter information exists.

  • Quick Start:

    No more delays to start your movie. Begin watching right away even with large HD files.

  • Partial File Play:

    Play files that have not been fully downloaded and files with missing data.

  • Multi-title Play:

    Easily view and play episodic content packaged into a single file.

  • Linked File Playback:

    Seamlessly play back content that is split into multiple files.

  • Title Metadata:

    Display your movies' menus, descriptions, ratings, cover art and more.