MKV on Your Computer and TV

DivX Plus Software for Windows has everything you need to watch, convert and transfer DivX Plus HD video for free. Features of the download include:

Plus HD Software

DivX Plus Player with DivX To Go

In addition to playing your .divx, .avi and .mkv files on your computer, you can easily prepare a movie to transfer and watch on any DivX device.
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DivX Plus Converter

In a few simple steps, convert videos to any DivX profile including free conversion to DivX Plus HD (MKV) video to play on any DivX Plus HD device.
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Guarantee MKV playback on your DivX Plus HD device

  • Open up your MKV video in DivX Plus Player, and begin 'DivX To Go' by selecting a device type in the right side pane.
  • Choose the DivX Plus HD profile to transfer your video by disc or USB drive.
  • Watch amazing MKV/H.264 video through your DivX Plus HD device

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