DivX Video Anywhere You Go

There are several ways to enjoy high-quality DivX® video on your mobile phone.

DivX Certified Mobile Phones

We test all DivX Certified® phones to ensure playback of DivX mobile videos. If you own a DivX Certified phone, you already have everything you need to watch DivX videos on the go. Just transfer or download a video to your phone, find it and play.

Additionally, DivX Certified mobile phones can be registered to play purchased DivX movies. Get more information on how to register your phone.

DivX Mobile Player for Compatible Phones

If you don’t own a DivX Certified phone, but your current phone’s operating system is supported, you can still enjoy your DivX videos on the go. Simply download and install DivX Mobile Player on your phone. Load your phone with your favorite videos, launch DivX Mobile Player and browse to the videos you wish to play.

Watch videos from your phone on the TV

Some DivX Certified phones can connect to a TV so you can watch DivX videos from your phone right on your – or anyone else’s – TV. All you need is a DivX Certified mobile phone with the TV-out feature and a TV-out cable. Plug them in and you’ll have all your favorite videos with you wherever you roam at up to home theater quality.