DivX Web Player: Stream 4K movies in your browser

Stream all the video formats that matter, including high-quality DivX HEVC video up to 4K. Many video storefronts like KnowHowMovies and Sainsbury’s use the DivX Web Player so with the latest version installed, you’ll be set to purchase and enjoy adaptive streaming of premium DivX movies and TV shows in your browser on any computer.

The simple, cross-browser video player extension delivers great looking video with true 5.1 channel surround sound (with AAC audio), multiple subtitles and audio track support, smooth playback with hardware acceleration, and the ability to download everything you watch online. And if your website or blog features video and you want to ensure your audience gets high-quality playback experience, Web Player is a great choice.

With DivX Web Player, you will enjoy:

  • Efficient video streaming up to 4K in your browser
  • High-quality MKV, DivX, AVI, MOV and MP4 playback
  • Support for movies with subtitles, extra audio tracks and chapter points
  • Optimized, progressive playback and download after just a few seconds