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Easily cast video to your TV (up to 4K) and enjoy DivX videos on your phone.

Download DivX Mobile for free.

Enjoy Your Videos Anywhere

Play all your DivX videos on your phone (some profiles require DivX Mobile Pro)

Cast videos (up to 4K) to your TV or other connected devices (e.g. Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox)

Convert and transfer video using free DivX software

Watch video from your computer or the cloud on your phone through DivX Media Server

Cast from an iOS device to an Android device and vice versa

DivX Mobile Pro vs. DivX Mobile (Free):

Features DivX Mobile Pro Divx Mobile (Free)
Supports video casting and playback up to 4K
Sync media with Dropbox, Google Drive and DivX Media Server
Plays .MP4, .MOV, .MKV (H.264, HEVC) video
Plays .AVI, .DIVX (MPEG-4) video
Plays DTS and Dolby® audio
Ad-free app experience
Casts .MKV, .AVI, .DIVX, .MP4, .MOV video to DivX Certified TV's and supported devices
Cast video across platforms (e.g. Android phone to Apple TV)

Upgrade to DivX Mobile Pro

For the full DivX Mobile experience, upgrade to DivX Pro for $3.99.

Use Cases

Play any DivX video on your phone
(may require DivX Mobile Pro)

Watch on your phone while casting different video to your TV

Access videos from the cloud to play on your phone or cast to a TV

Cast video you recorded — even 4K video — to supported connected devices

Make space on your phone by uploading videos to your computer

Cast a video from an Android
phone to Apple TV

DivX Mobile App


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