Streaming Video Evolved

DivX Plus Streaming® is designed to take your video experience to the next level: little or no buffering, a host of advanced features and smooth, crystal clear video up to 1080p HD on your PC, mobile or living room devices.

Advanced Streaming Features

Most streaming video today lacks the quality you’re accustomed to with downloaded video. Dependent on your Internet connection, it’s not uncommon for your video to freeze and buffer when your bandwidth drops. Most streaming video also lacks the features you get with Blu-ray discs. We don’t believe you should have to sacrifice visual quality and features, so we’ve designed the new DivX Plus Streaming technology—to deliver a better video streaming experience to all your devices with advanced playback features:

Adaptive Streaming - Automatically adapts video quality to eliminate buffering and ensures that you still get the best video quality when your Internet connection slows (let’s say someone on your network starts watching YouTube videos).

Dynamic Resolution Scaling - Seamless transitions from low to high video resolutions during bandwidth shifts to enable a smooth streaming experience.

Smooth Trick Play - Smooth FF/RW in full screen to quickly navigate to your favorite scenes.

Resume Play - Recalls the last video stop point to quickly resume playback on another device, even in another location.

Multi-language Subtitles - If you prefer your subtitles in another language, you can switch among an unlimited number of subtitle tracks without interrupting the playback experience.

Multiple Audio Tracks - Supports multiple audio tracks with a variety of audio codecs so you can switch seamlessly among soundtracks to hear other languages or director’s commentary.

Chapter Points - Automatic chapter points let you access different scenes with the push of a button without having to fast forward/rewind.

Quick Start - Watch right away without delays to start your movie, even with HD videos.

Stream Anywhere

With DivX Plus Streaming, you can enjoy the movies and TV shows you want streamed to a range of your devices—wherever you may be. On your computer, use DivX Web Player to stream directly to your browser. In your living room, stream directly to your connected consumer electronics device that has undergone our rigorous testing process to ensure support for DivX Plus Streaming. If you choose a service that offers streaming to smartphones or tablets, download their applications to watch your content on your mobile device.

Check out the demo here.