4K Content Delivery Solution

As Ultra HD TV adoption continues to surge, lack of compelling 4K content has become a problem. Consumer Electronics (CE) manufacturers need to securely deliver content that allows their customers to enjoy the full capabilities of their new TVs. At the same time, Content Producers and Studios are protective of their 4K libraries and demand robust content protection technology that will ensure their prized 4K content is delivered securely.

The DivX solution is comprised of a comprehensive suite of services and technologies that enables device manufacturers to bundle 4K content with their Ultra HD TVs while Content Producers reach consumers in their living rooms with a premium 4K experience.

Key Benefits for Device Manufacturers & Content Producers

CE Manufacturers

  • Deliver a great out of the box experience
  • Increase retail sales -Differentiate product with bundled premium 4K titles
  • Showcase Ultra HD quality and benefits in-store at point of sale

Studios / Content Producers

  • Monetize back catalog with re-releases in 4K
  • Limit delivery of content protected with DivX DRM to  authorized devices only
  • Raise consumer awareness of next generation video  and jumpstart their 4K content libraries

What’s Included:

Content Preparation

Content preparation service for encoding and packaging content using DivX HEVC


The world's first DivX HEVC content distribution format utilizing the latest compression standard


Robust Hollywood-approved content protection technology


Development kit for integrating DivX HEVC and DivX DRM into 4K TVs


How it Works

4K Content Licensing

Longstanding relationships with major Hollywood studios allows DivX to negotiate content distribution rights on behalf of consumer electronics customers interested in distributing 4K movies with their Ultra HD TVs. We have access to multiple studios’ “remastered in 4K” catalogs and are making title selections based on quality, regional availability, and distribution rights.

In addition, DivX has acquired and/or produced a series of independent 4K titles, including a couple of short films and video clips, and a 13-episode cooking show titled Chef Extraordinaire. This content will also be available to customers who participate in the DivX 4K Movie Bundle Program, along with up to five Hollywood movie titles.

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