DivX in High Definition

Stunning high definition content is everywhere (this is good), but your HD content shouldn’t be bound to a disc, trapped on your HD camcorder or stuck on your computer (this is bad). With DivX® HD video, you get the same pristine picture you expect from HD video, but without the limitations.

Unlike traditional HD content, you can enjoy DivX HD video on a variety of DivX HD Certified® devices such as Blu-ray disc players and Digital TVs as well as on any computer. This means you can take the impressive HD video from your computer and watch it on your big screen TV in your living room. Look for the DivX HD logo on your device take advantage of the freedom of DivX HD video.

Convert to HD

HD Software

Converting a large HD file into a compressed DivX HD video (while maintaining HD quality) is as easy as a single click. You can then enjoy this HD goodness in a file a fraction of the size with DivX Player or a DivX HD Certified device. Use DivX Converter to drag and drop to DivX HD 720p or 1080p with a single click. Also, you can use advanced encoding settings to take more control over your video.
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HD Certified Products

Look for the DivX HD logo to ensure playback of all your DivX HD videos.

DivX HD badges
Digital Televisions

Digital Televisions

DivX HD Certified TVs can easily play DivX HD 1080p video. Simply transfer your videos via USB, media card and/or network interface.

Blu-ray players

Blu-ray Disc Players

Enjoy the amazing HD quality of Blu-ray and play your DivX HD 1080p videos. In addition to burning a disc, some certified models play DivX HD video via USB, media card, and network interface.

DVD players

DVD Players

Burn your DivX HD 720p videos to disc and play them on your DivX HD Certified DVD Player. DVD Players are certified to play DivX HD video up to 720p.

What’s HD 720p and 1080p?

The numbers 720 or 1080 refer to the lines of vertical resolution of your video. These videos usually have a 16:9 ratio, meaning a video encoded in 1080p will be 1920x1080 and a 720p video will be 1280x720. The letter p stands for “progressive scan” rather than interlaced, providing you with an even clearer picture.

A device certified to play DivX HD 1080p can play a DivX file up to 1080p which would include 720p files.

DivX HD Video Showcase:

To see the quality of DivX HD video up to 1080p in action, check out a clip below.

Big Buck Bunny
Video Big Buck Bunny Download Movie
1080p H.264 MKV
AAC 5.1 Surround, AAC Stereo
Elephants Dream
Video Elephants Dream Download Movie
1080p H.264 MKV
AAC 5.1 Surround, AAC Stereo
Sintel Download Movie
1080p H.264 MKV
AAC 5.1 Surround, AAC Stereo