Welcome to the Future of Entertainment

DivX TV™ combines the best of Internet TV with the ease of flipping channels, offering immediate, free access to hundreds of shows on any Internet-enabled device and on any platform. The easy-to-use DivX TV interface brings all your favorite media together in one place and on your schedule. Using just a remote, enjoy the best of web video, popular shows and music, all organized into clear categories so you can discover the content you want.

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DivX TV Overview

Just Turn It On And Go

Just turn on your TV, Blu-ray player, mobile phone or other device and enjoy. DivX TV is free and ready to go straight out-of-the-box with no complicated setup or additional hardware required. Forget the keyboard and mouse, navigate the intuitive DivX TV menu with your remote control to enjoy a true TV-like viewing experience.

DivX TV Overview

Powered by You

Interact with your entertainment like never before. In addition to bookmarking your favorite shows, you can create custom channels by pulling content from all shows on DivX TV. Save your favorite search terms for unique channels based on your interests (e.g. “Snowboarding”). DivX TV combines the power and variety of the Internet with the ease of TV for the ideal entertainment experience.