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For 20 years, DivX® has been dedicated to creating better video experiences. Our innovative video technologies for consumers, device manufactures and streaming services are enjoyed by millions of people around the world. With over a billion downloads of our video software and over 1.5 billion licensed playback devices, DivX continues to lead the video revolution.


Technology to enhance how we enjoy entertainment

DivX has always believed in creating a better media future. For 20 years we’ve been providing innovative technology to enable quality digital entertainment experiences on any device. From advancing digital video from choppy, low-resolution output to crisp HD and now stunning 4K — our technology innovations in digital video help consumers around the world create, share and enjoy video. In addition to our consumer software — which has over 1 billion downloads and provides millions of consumers the tools to play, convert and cast their content — we license DivX technology. We partner with the world’s best known consumer electronics brands, who have integrated DivX technology in over 1.5 billion DivX-enabled devices shipped worldwide.

How it All Started

We have always been obsessed with making video better. The DivX Story begins with Jerome “Gej” Rota. Gej was passionate about video and believed everyone should be able to enjoy the videos they want, how, when and where they want. In 1999, digital video was a frustrating experience. But he believed it could, and should, be an amazing one. So began our journey of innovation.  Over the past 20 years, we have worked to perfect the video experience, first by pioneering the compression technology that would spark widespread adoption of online digital video, then with our digital rights management technology that enabled secure video delivery online. We obsessed over every detail of the digital video experience, resulting in the invention of numerous features that define the way we enjoy video today. As our technology was adopted by millions of consumers, then device manufacturers and streaming services, we implemented testing and certification to ensure that every device met our standards.   We continue to pursue the perfect video experience. But our mission now involves much more than the experience of simply watching video. Video has become woven into every aspect of our lives – it’s a primary form of expression, communication and connection. We experience it in our cars, homes, and on our mobile devices. More people are making video than ever before. So, at DivX, we are working to improve the full video experience – watching, sharing and creating – in new ways. While we’re still obsessed with the details, we’re more committed than ever to ensuring everyone can enjoy video in the way they want, when and where they want.

DivX Timeline


DivX founded in San Diego to better compress and share digital video.

First Video On Demand (VOD) service launched selling movies in the DivX format.


The first tier 1 DivX Certified® device shipped. The DivX Certification program was created to license and test DivX playback on CE devices.

DivX became a publicly traded company.


Launched Stage6, a high-quality video sharing community to watch and download video.

Over 100 million DivX Certified playback devices shipped worldwide.


The DivX Connected box released, a hardware platform for streaming media from the computer to the TV.

DivX adopted in emerging categories such as mobile phones, game consoles, digital TVs and Blu-ray players.


DivX acquired by Sonic Solutions (owners of Roxio software).

Over 500 million DivX Certified playback devices shipped worldwide.


DivX TV, an Internet TV platform offering multi-channel streaming, released on LG devices.

DivX/Sonic acquired by Rovi Corp (now called TiVo Corp)


DivX Plus Streaming profile released for video streaming devices  

Over 1 billion downloads of DivX Software to consumers around the globe.


First HEVC consumer software released including 4K/Ultra HD support.

Over 1 billion DivX Certified playback devices shipped worldwide.


DivX became a private company.

Awarded “Best Ultra HD Codec” from Ultra HDTV magazine.


DivX acquired by NeuLion, Inc.

Facilitated the first ever live 4K streaming event.


DivX becomes an independent company.

Updated consumer software bundles, including support for Apple’s M1 chip.


Launched Grove®, a location-based video sharing mobile app.

DivX 11 software launched, delivering ideal video playback and converting. 



DivX employees’ innovative thinking has inspired the technology we’ve created over the past two decades, and helped us create a global brand that stands for high-quality video. DivX has also been a committed industry leader, helping to shape the present and future of video by partnering with entertainment providers and technology manufacturers. The DivX intellectual property portfolio includes hundreds of patents spanning a wide range of digital video technologies including video encoding and decoding, digital rights management, streaming, content guides and recommendations, content distribution networks, and certain video standards. Our innovations touch multiple and significant aspects of consumers’ day-to-day interaction with digital video. To learn more about our intellectual property portfolio and licensing opportunities, please contact us. 

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