Enjoy a stunning, high-quality DivX® video experience with DivX Accelerated™, the integration of hardware acceleration technologies in DivX Software.

DivX Accelerated offloads the heavy lifting of playing or converting video from the software to the CPU so that you may enjoy an improved video experience and your computer can be used for other tasks.  

When DivX Accelerated is enabled in DivX Player, you may see the CPU usage drop as the video decoding is being offloaded to your computer’s media hardware. With a lower CPU usage, you could more easily watch high-definition videos in DivX Player while multi-tasking in other programs or going online. When DivX Accelerated is enabled in DivX Converter, your video encode times could be up to 25-50% faster on average compared to using software to do the encoding.*

*Individual results may vary.

About DivX Accelerated Solutions

DivX validates that video playback quality meets our high standards on the chipsets and graphics we test. DivX Software makes it easy to benefit from hardware acceleration on your system. It automatically detects if your system is able to use the media hardware for encoding or decoding, and will default to using it (unless you choose otherwise).

DivX Software incorporates DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) and Intel® Quick Sync Video to use the media hardware for encoding and decoding video. DXVA is used for playback of MPEG-4/ASP (most standard definition video) and H.264/AVC (high definition video) content. Intel® Quick Sync Video, the dedicated media processing capabilities of Intel Graphics Technology, is used for conversion of H.264/AVC video and, as of DivX 10.4, playback of H.265/HEVC video.

DivX Accelerated for HEVC Video

As of DivX Player 10.4, the benefits of DivX Accelerated extend for HEVC video up to 4K/Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution to chipsets with hardware acceleration for HEVC 4K video, the first of which is the 6th Generation Intel® Core processor family (“Skylake”).

DivX Accelerated Formats and Platforms

Format AMD Radeon™ Graphics 4th Generation Intel® Core processor family 5th Generation Intel® Core processor family 6th Generation Intel® Core processor family
ASP Decode
(MPEG-4, DivX/AVI)
AVC Encode*
(H.264, MKV/MP4)
AVC Decode
(H.264, MKV/MP4)
HEVC Decode**
(H.265, MKV/MP4)
Partial Hardware Acceleration*** Partial Hardware Acceleration***
  • *Learn how to check if DivX Accelerated is used in DivX Converter.
  • **Available in DivX Player 10.4 or later.
  • ***Partial Hardware Acceleration: Get improved video playback through partial hardware acceleration support of HEVC video format. We recommend using an Intel Graphics driver version ( installed) or later.

About DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA)

DirectX Video Acceleration is a Microsoft API specification that allows video processing operations that are frequently executed and simple to be performed by a hardware accelerator. Confining less complex video processing operations to the accelerator allows video decoding acceleration to be accomplished for various video standards with minimal customization to the accelerator.

DivX Software currently supports hardware accelerated decoding through DXVA1 for H.264/AVC video (up to 4K/UHD resolution) on Intel and AMD hardware. DXVA is used for playback of MPEG-4/ASP and H.264/AVC video on AMD Radeon™ Graphics, and for playback of H.264/AVC video on 4th,5th and 6th Generation Intel® Core families of processors for playback of AVC video.

About AMD VISION Technology

With VISION Technology from AMD you can enjoy smooth streaming movies in brilliant HD. AMD’s Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) combines multi-core CPU and discrete-level GPU on a single chip for performance that enables the best HD video experience. AMD’s APUs and See supported AMD products.

About Intel® Quick Sync Video

Intel® Quick Sync Video is built right into the Intel® Core™ processor with Intel® Graphics Technology and uses the dedicated media processing capabilities of Intel Graphics Technology to decode and encode significantly faster, while also enabling the processor to complete other tasks, improving overall PC performance and responsiveness. DivX Software also enables hardware decoding of AVC video in DivX Player through DXVA on the Intel® Core™ family.

DivX Software leverages Intel® Quick Sync Video for H.264/AVC encoding in DivX Converter 10 and playback of HEVC videos in DivX Player 10.4 or later for 4th, 5th and 6th Generation Intel® Core processor families.

To see if your system has a supported chipset, check Intel’s website. To learn more about Intel® Core™ processors, see for more details.

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