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New DivX Software Delivers Ideal Playback.

We’re excited to share the latest update to DivX for Windows (version 10.10)! The new version features DivX Optimized playback, meaning the software finds the best video and audio codecs on your computer for optimal playback. Also, AC3 audio is now included in free DivX Software for Windows – no need to purchase a…

Software Update: Immersive 360° Playback!

Now you can truly see everything! We’re excited to announce a new, free DivX Software for Windows is available for download. The latest version is the best way to play and convert videos, and now has the ability to play back 360-degree video. Immerse yourself in some amazing full surround video – the latest playba…

Convert AVI to MP4

AVI files are widely popular, however you may want to convert an AVI file to an MP4 file in order to better share your video. If you’ve been downloading videos or even watching videos online, you’ve likely encountered a file in the AVI (.avi) container format. AVI files (or Audio Video Interleave) are able to cont…

Get Help With DivX Support

Our DivX Community Support Portal center has everything you need to make the most of your DivX Software and devices. You can ask a question of the DivX Support team or read existing answers to common questions.  You’ll find information focused on: DivX Software (General)DivX PlayerDivX ConverterDivX Media Ser…

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