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Software Update: Immersive 360° Playback!

Now you can truly see everything! We’re excited to announce a new, free DivX Software for Windows is available for download. The latest version is the best way to play and convert videos, and now has the ability to play back 360-degree video. Immerse yourself in some amazing full surround video – the latest playback feature of DivX Player for Windows.   

There is some amazing 360 degree video being captured. From impressive nature footage and skydiving to beautiful video game capture. Now that DivX Player can play these full surround videos, you can enjoy some of the most innovative videos on the best video player. 

DivX Software is the best way to enjoy digital media. Included in the free software is the DivX Player (amazing video playback in up to 4K quality), DivX Converter (drag and drop conversion of tons of formats including converting to MP4 video) and DivX Media Server (cast video from your computer to your TV). Want more audio features, no ads, cloud storage connection and other advanced features? Check out what you get with DivX Pro

Download the latest version of DivX Software for Windows (version 10.9) to get the best version and the latest updates like converting HEIC images and 360° video viewing. 

Download Windows Software

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