DivX Licensing

Through the DivX Certified® Program, device manufacturers license our video technology to enable DivX video playback and streaming on a wide variety of screens.

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Stunning DivX Video Everywhere

DivX licenses technology (SDKs, CTKs) and works with chipset and consumer electronics manufacturers to certify their devices for reliable, secure, high-quality playback of DivX video content across multiple screens. The DivX Certified® Program is a verification process to ensure that the DivX® video profile requirements have been met.


Device certification with DivX helps improve the digital video playback experience for consumers and reduce issues tied to supporting different standards, file formats, codecs, containers and features.

Standard profile definitions

Avoid generic implementation of new codecs. Choose DivX for well-defined and established profiles interoperable across hardware, software and services.

Rigorous certification testing

Devices undergo robust testing by a technician in our DivX Certification Lab to ensure proper video playback.

Hollywood-approved DRM

Proven security for SD, HD and 4K video – supported across the DivX ecosystem (devices, software, video services).

High-quality playback and guaranteed interoperability

DivX Certification ensures high-quality video playback and interoperable video experiences across multiple screens to ensure proper video playback.

DivX Certified Benefits

By certifying their products, licensed chip and device manufacturers benefit from:

DivX Ecosystem

Allow consumers to enjoy billions of DivX videos on your device from a variety of sources.

Product Differentiation

Increase visibility of your product in a crowded market by supporting DivX Certified® playback features like chapter points, smooth FF/RW, as well as multi-language subtitles and multiple audio tracks.

Product Promotion

Leverage the DivX brand to raise your brand awareness and product recognition among millions of DivX users worldwide who seek DivX Certified® devices on which to play their videos.

DivX Certified Partners

Leading consumer electronics brands have shipped more than 1 billion DivX devices to date, guaranteeing high-quality video experiences for discerning digital entertainment consumers across a variety of devices. View DivX Certified® devices and ICs.

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