DivX® is the global standard for stunning digital video experiences

Since 2000, our pioneering research and innovation has been setting the standard for high-quality digital video. We develop technology that enables consumers around the world to create, share and enjoy digital entertainment experiences in up to 4K resolution across a variety of devices.

DivX Brands

“DivX” is synonymous with quality video. DivX offers a number of video technologies, including consumer software products and business software for consumer electronics manufacturers. We have a set of DivX Brands that we use in connection with these products.

DivX Certified®
DivX Pro®
DivX Plus®
DivX Plus Streaming®
DivX to Go™
DivX Accelerated®
DivX Ultra®
DivX Optimized™

Partner Guidelines

Use of DivX Brands is restricted to officially licensed Partners, and may only be used for specific purposes authorized by DivX. DivX Brands typically appear in a manner affixed to consumer electronics products, as well as in product packaging, documentation and marketing materials for Partner products, although the specific authorized use may differ from Partner to Partner. Partners agree to follow the DivX Branding Guidelines, which describe how DivX Brands may be used and displayed by Partners. Partners should only used approved DivX® logos and marks at all times.

The following trademark attribution should appear on all Partner products, packaging, documentation or other location where legal notices are displayed: “DivX® and the associated DivX logos are trademarks of DivX, LLC.”

Use this list to verify that consumer electronics products you purchase bearing the DivX Brands are genuinely licensed by DivX, LLC.  Licensed DivX Certified devices >>

General Guidelines

DivX® and the other DivX Brands are the registered trademarks of DivX, LLC, and may not be used without the express consent of DivX, LLC.  

DivX® and the other DivX Brands may only be used to describe content offered in the .divx file format, and related products and services offered by DivX LLC; not to describe digital video generally, and not to refer to any file format other than .divx.

End users who wish to describe content offered in the .divx file format may do so by referencing the lowercase version of the term “.divx”.   

Developers, manufacturers and other businesses that wish to support the .divx file format should contact DivX to obtain the necessary technology license. Please contact us at brand@divx.com.

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