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DivX® technology gives you a high-quality video experience across devices. With tools to play, convert or cast stunning video, DivX helps you make the most of your media. Download the free version below (available for Windows or Mac). More info>>

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  Watch your video library in up to 4K quality and enjoy useful playback features in DivX Player.

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  Simply drag and drop to convert nearly any video to a format that will play on your DivX device, tablet or phone.

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  Cast videos, music and photos to compatible devices including Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku and more.

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Purchasing DivX Pro® gives you the best possible experience with DivX Software. Enjoy stunning video playback, amazing audio, connect to cloud storage, ad-free products, advanced features and more.

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Why is DivX in My Device?

There are DivX playback devices everywhere. In fact, over 1.5 billion have shipped worldwide and there may already be one in your home … not in a horror-movie-“The-phone-call-is-coming-from-inside-the-house”-way, but in a oh-good-I-can-play-DivX-video-on-my-device-and-didn’t-even-know-it way. Unless you saw the…

Stream to TV with PS4 and DivX Media Server

By Jeremy Park If you’re like me then you have years and years worth of digital videos stored on your computer hard drive(s). Files upon files of family vacations, kids growing up, plus that hearty collection of Internet videos. Whether it’s to comment on my changing hair color or to see themselves as babies, my k…

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