DivX.com Hosts Trailer For Groundbreaking Internet Film “Radius”

June 27, 2001

Action Packed, High-Motion Scenes Highlight the Unsurpassed Quality of DivX Codec

San Diego, CA-June 27, 2001-DivXNetworks, the company that owns and operates the popular video convergence site DivX.com, today announced that the trailer for the upcoming online film “Radius” is available at www.divx.com. The full-screen, full-motion two-minute trailer, encoded using the latest DivXTM video compression technology, provides fans with a preview of the upcoming Internet-only science fiction film and showcases the DVD-quality of the MPEG-4 compliant DivX codec.

“This trailer truly represents a breakthrough in digital video compression that will benefit consumers, filmmakers and content aggregators alike,” said Jordan Greenhall, Founder and CEO of DivXNetworks. “We are excited to be involved with the ambitious Radius project, and this excellent trailer provides proof that it is possible to achieve consumer-level video quality that can be easily downloaded and viewed over IP networks. Filmmakers and content providers no longer have to choose between poor quality, postage stamp size streaming videos or huge, unmanageable MPEG-2 files. Thanks to DivX technology, there finally is a third way.”

The science-fiction action film “Radius” will be released exclusively on the Internet later this year. An ambitious project directed by former video game maker Helmut Kobler, “Radius” seeks to provide consumers with a high-quality, mainstream cinematic experience online. The “Radius” team has also provided an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the filmmaking process through their web site at www.radiusmovie.com.

“Our goal with Radius was to create a high-quality, mainstream science fiction action film for the Internet, and the impressive DivX technology helps us achieve that level of quality,” said Kobler. “With epic locations, a recognized cast and its ambitious visual effects, we think Radius will redefine how people think about films for the Internet, and we are pleased to present our work online.”

To see the “Radius” trailer today, visit www.divx.com. For more information on the making of “Radius,” visit www.radiusmovie.com.

About DivXNetworks
DivXNetworks is a leading technology company that enables the rapid proliferation of video content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks by combining the lightweight, ubiquitous access of the Internet with DVD-quality video performance. The company’s approach is built upon the success of the DivXTM codec, a leading standard for MPEG-4 video distribution with over 20 million users worldwide, and the DivX Open Video SystemTM, a next-generation content delivery system that provides unsurpassed aggregation, promotion, and distribution of video content for mass markets. The DivX codec has been evolved using an innovative approach that combines open source development and comprehensive in-house testing to create a product with powerful brand recognition, rapid product evolution, and pervasive platform integration. DivXNetworks is headquartered in San Diego, California, with satellite offices in New York and Los Angeles. For more information about DivXNetworks, visit https://www.divxnetworks.com.

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