MainConcept® HEVC Video SDK Widely Adopted by Leading Companies to Power Creation and Playback of Next-Generation Video

September 11, 2014

Vidcheck, PixelPower and Tektronix among Latest MainConcept Partners to Adopt HEVC Solution

SAN DIEGO, CA, September 12, 2014—DivX, LLC, a leading provider of next-generation digital video solutions, today announced that the MainConcept® HEVC SDK has been licensed by a wide variety of companies for the creation and playback of highly efficient, high-quality next-generation video. The newest release of the industry-leading HEVC encoding tools includes support for real-time encoding of 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

The most recent partners to announce support for the MainConcept HEVC technology include:

• Vidcheck provides enterprise-level QC and correction software applications that not only automatically check media files but also intelligently correct errors, giving dramatic savings on QC costs. Vidcheck’s applications focus on the requirements of the broadcast industry, and scale from highly cost-effective systems for post-production houses to large-scale ‘grid’ implementation for processing thousands of hours of media files per week.

• Pixel Power, a leading provider of broadcast graphics and playout technology solutions, trusted by leading broadcasters worldwide to deliver real-time channel branding.

• Tektronix, is the market leader in broadcast video test, monitoring and analysis solutions, Tektronix offers a range of File-based QC solutions that ensure compliance of the media files to all quality, regulatory and workflow requirements. In addition, Tektronix delivers solutions to enable designers and manufacturers of hardware and software video encoders, semiconductor devices and mobile video devices to capitalize on opportunities presented by new technologies such as HEVC.

“We strive to provide developers with the highest quality video technology available, easy to implement APIs, and industry-leading support. And we’re constantly optimizing our HEVC solution to deliver faster encoding speeds to meet the diverse needs of virtually any kind of video application,” said Thomas Kramer, VP of Professional Products at DivX, LLC. “It is extremely gratifying to see a wide range of customers adopt the MainConcept® HEVC SDK across so many broadcast solutions.”
The MainConcept HEVC SDK continues to make strides on encoding quality and performance, currently realizing 30-45 percent bitrate savings over H.264 in internal company benchmark tests. The patent-pending Smart Adaptive Bitrate Encoding Technology (SABET™) achieved more than a 30 percent performance gain with transcoding adaptive formats such as DivX® HEVC adaptive streaming.
MainConcept is the leading provider of video and audio encoding, decoding, transcoding and streaming technologies. With offerings that range from individual components for software developers to ready to use enterprise transcoding solutions, MainConcept’s video technology delivers exceptionally high-quality, high performance and bitrate efficient solutions for digital media professionals. MainConcept’s HEVC offering is part of the DivX end-to-end HEVC solution, which is designed to accelerate the adoption of the latest compression standard across the entire video distribution system, spanning the creation, delivery and multi-screen playback of high-quality content. DivX recently received a 2014 Best Ultra HD Codec award from Ultra HDTV Magazine for its DivX 10 software and MainConcept HEVC SDK.

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DivX, LLC is leading the way to better, more seamless consumer video experience by powering the professional creation, protected distribution and high-quality playback of highly efficient video to multiple devices and platforms. DivX, along with its subsidiary MainConcept, offers service providers, device manufacturers and integrators technologies that address the entire video supply chain with solutions for software applications, OTT content services and consumer electronics devices. Over 1 billion DivX enabled devices have shipped worldwide from major manufacturers and DivX consumer software products have been downloaded over 1 billion times. DivX is based in San Diego, CA, with offices across Europe and Asia. For more information on the company, visit www.divx.com/company.

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