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New in DivX 10.6: Improved stability and robustness

DivX 10.6 introduces architecture updates to the DivX Media Server that vastly improves the capabilities and speed of sharing media from your computer to devices. Since it’s debut in DivX 9, we’ve worked hard to add features such as casting and better transcoding to ensure that you can watch DivX videos on all your favorite devices. For this 10.6 release, we took a step back and looked under the hood to make all the features you love work even faster, better, and with more reliability. Try the new and improved DivX Media Server today!

DivX Media Server Overhaul — Available for Windows and Mac, DivX Media Server uses a new architecture to improve stability and robustness of streaming media. You can expect to see faster startup times, media detection and support for a broader range of media types.

DivX Accelerated Playback on Mac OS X — DivX Player now takes advantage of Mac OS X hardware decoders to playback DivX Plus HD and H.264/AVC videos up to 4K. This update provides CPU and memory savings for playback of videos in DivX Player, leading to improved multi-tasking and better battery life.

What’s new with 10.6:

  • Architectural updates for DivX Media Server stability and robustness
  • DivX Player adds hardware decoding for AVC video on Mac OS X platform
  • Improved speed when casting HEVC video to Chromecast
  • Various bug fixes
  • For a complete list of what’s new visit the product page on DivX forums

DivX 10 includes:

DivX premium components:

For more detailed release notes, see: DivX Software Version History