New in DivX 10.2: HEVC Meets DivX Live

First we brought you HEVC. Then we brought you Ultra HD (4K). In DivX 10.2 we continue to improve our codec technology to bring you the best of the best.

Improved HEVC and AVC decoders—HEVC and AVC video playback in DivX Player and DivX Web Player just keeps getting better. In the latest version, we’ve added support for Chroma offset to our HEVC decoder. We also updated the AVC decoder, delivering more stability and several new features for your AVC/H.264-encoded videos.

Removed DivX Codec Pack—Yep, you heard it here first. The DivX Codec Pack is no longer included in the DivX 10 bundle. Our codecs are still a very important part of DivX Player, Web Player and Converter, and this simple change means a smaller and faster install along with a more consistent experience across our products. Read more about this on our Blog.

Experimental Live Streaming—DivX Web Player has been updated to include experimental DivX Live streaming for HEVC video. The Tokyo Spring Festival was the world debut of the DivX Live streaming functionality in DivX Web Player. Learn more about DivX Live technology.

In case you missed it, we recently added a few other cool things as well:

  • DivX Media Server now lets you control which DLNA devices to stream your content to. See how the Stream To feature works.
  • DivX Player now does Resume Playback for all your videos, letting you pick up playback of your videos and playlists from where you left off.
  • DivX Converter has a new experimental CLI mode. Learn more.

DivX 10 includes:

DivX recommended add-ons (paid):

For more detailed release notes, see: DivX Software Version History