DivX products and technologies are designed to deliver on the promise of a better video future.
About Us
DivX, LLC, is leading the way to a better, more seamless consumer video experience by powering the professional creation, protected distribution, and high-quality playback of highly efficient video to multiple devices and platforms. For over 15 years, we have created, distributed, and licensed digital video technologies that span the PC, living room, and mobile environments.
DivX is delivering a better entertainment experience.
DivX Video Anywhere
To date, over one billion DivX playback devices, including Blu-ray players, digital TVs, gaming consoles, mobile phones, and tablets have shipped worldwide from the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers, and DivX consumer software products have been downloaded over one billion times.
To further the company’s vision of powering high-quality video experiences on any device, Parallax Capital Partners and StepStone Group acquired DivX and its subsidiary MainConcept from Rovi Corporation in 2014. DivX is based in San Diego, CA, with offices across Europe and Asia.