MainConcept technology helps power DivX solutions, and is a leading provider of video codec technology, ranging in offerings from software development kits, transcoding applications and plug-ins.
Professional video and audio codec solutions
MainConcept’s industry-leading SDKs provide an extensive library of digital video components, from industry standard codecs – such as HEVC/H.265, H.264/AVC, and MPEG-2 – to support for next generation standards like MPEG-DASH, UltraViolet CFF and Ultra HD 4k/8K, as well as support for professional camera formats including AVC-Intra, AVC-Ultra and XAVC.
MainConcept offers SDKs for third-party integration of video and audio encoding, decoding, muxing, demuxing, transcoding, and streaming components. MainConcept® SDKs enable solutions serving broadcasters, camera manufacturers, CE manufacturers, post-production facilities and medical and surveillance equipment manufacturers requiring top-tier codec support.
MainConcept applications offer flexible solutions for file-based content preparation with the TotalCode™ transcoding suite for professionals and enterprises based on high-quality MainConcept codecs. The TotalCode suite offers a range of solutions, from desktop-based transcoding with TotalCode Studio, all the way up to scalable, cost efficient server distributed automated transcoding for content preparation houses with TotalCode Enterprise.
MainConcept plug-ins provide advanced codec functionality to a number of 3rd party applications, including Adobe plug-ins such as TotalCode for Adobe Premiere Pro and AAC Encoder for Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, as well as Sony XDCAM, IBC Admira and DirectShow decoder packs.
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