Converting Video for iPad or iPhone

So you’ve got your snazzy iPad or iPhone – AND you’ve got your collection of movies and shows that you’ve collected over the years. Unfortunately, video formats and native player codec licenses can be confusing, and they likely don’t play nicely together. Not to worry! DivX can help you enjoy your media on your favorite devices through a couple of easy options.
DIVX CONVERTER: The first way to get your videos to play on an iOS device is to use the DivX Converter, which is included in free DivX Software available for Windows or Mac. In three simple steps, you’re good to go:

  1. Open up the Converter and drag your video(s) onto the interface (or click “Add files”).
  2. Select the output profile you want. In this case, select the option for “iPad” or “iPhone”.
  3. Click the “Start” button (the big green button on the top-left).

Converter Interface
Pulldown showing all converting profile options (darkened profiles available with DivX Pro).
Zoom of iOS profile options
Screenshot of only iPad and iPhone profile selections.
Once your file has been converted to an MP4 format (a format that works on iOS devices), you’re ready to transfer your file to your tablet/phone by attaching your device to your computer and syncing it with iTunes.
DIVX MOBILE: Another easy way to get video to your iPad and iPhone is by simply installing our free mobile app for iOS (DivX Mobile). DivX Mobile includes a video player that handles many more formats than the native iPhone or iPad player. Some file formats are covered in the free app, while others (like most AVI files) require DivX Pro (USD $3.99). The cost of DivX Pro covers the codec license fees for certain video and audio formats. Additionally, the free app includes the ability to cast video to your TV through your media streamer (e.g. Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.), game console (Xbox) and most smart TVs.DivX Mobile
DivX Mobile is available for free for iOS and Android.
apple_app_store google_play_store
Both methods of getting your videos to play on your iPhone or iPad should work with little effort on your part. This is just another way that DivX technology tries to help make digital media easier to enjoy on your own terms.
If you’re interested in the advanced features of DivX Converter, check out our blog post to learn more about video trimming, rotating and more.
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