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The DivX Revolution Continues: DivXNetworks Announces Launch of Three New Video-on-Demand Partners

December 18, 2001

DivX™ Open Video System is World’s Only End-to-End Solution for the Secure Delivery of DVD-Quality MPEG-4 Video-on-Demand

San Diego, CA-December 18, 2001-DivXNetworks, the company that created the revolutionary patent-pending DivX ™ MPEG-4 video compression technology, today announced that three new partners have launched video-on-demand solutions powered by the DivX Open Video System. Videomaker Magazine (www.videomaker.com), Vista Street Entertainment (www.trashvideo.com) and Melano Filmworks (www.godivx.tv) are the latest content partners to launch DivX video-on-demand, offering secure, high-quality downloads of a wide variety of content online. Over 20 content partners are set to launch with the DivX Open Video system by first quarter, 2002.

The secure DivX video-on-demand service enables consumers with high-speed Internet connections to purchase rentals of selected titles online and begin viewing DVD-quality content almost immediately. Thanks to DivXNetworks “progressive download” technology, users can begin viewing the films in full-screen, high-quality format a few minutes after the download has begun. Selected content from DivXNetworks partners is also featured on www.divx.com, the popular DivX community web site operated by DivXNetworks.

Videomaker magazine has licensed the DivX Open Video System to sell high-quality downloads of its acclaimed series of instructional videos through its web site which features a vast online resource of information about making video. Consumers can download full-motion DivX versions of “Video Editing” and “Advanced Shooting” through Videomaker’s web site at https://www.videomaker.com/store.

DivXNetworks content partner Vista Street Entertainment offers a variety of cult and horror films on it’s web site www.trashvideo.com. Among the titles currently offered for DivX download are “Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft” and “The Strangers.” The titles are independent, edgy films with a mix of irreverent humor and erotic horror.

Melano Filmworks has licensed the DivX Open Video System to sell hip-hop music videos, movie trailers, and featured music content in full-motion DivX video through it’s www.godivx.tv web site. GoDivX.tv is the home of the “Da Thundadome,” an original weekly show offering a rotating selection of hip-hop content showcasing some of raps biggest names, including Snoop Dogg, Outkast, and 2 Live Crew.

“The DivX phenomenon has risen up from the grass roots digital video community to become the format of choice for anyone interested in distributing DVD quality video online, spanning an incredibly diverse range of content and target demographics,” said Jordan Greenhall, co-founder and CEO of DivXNetworks, Inc. (www.divxnetworks.com). “The video-on-demand solution we have built around the DivX codec makes it possible for any content owner to join the DivX revolution easily and quickly, offering secure, DVD-quality content to their customers with very little implementation cost.”

Videomaker, Vista Street and Melano Filmworks join previously announced DivX content partners Strand Releasing, Broadway Television Network, and Vanguard Cinema in launching video-on-demand solutions powered by the DivX Open Video system. The core of the Open Video System is the DivX MPEG-4 video compression technology, the de facto standard for high-quality IP video with over 30 million downloads and an average of over 2 million downloads per month. The most recent DivX codec, called a “revolutionary product” by Tom’s Hardware Guide, currently ranks as the fifth most downloaded application on CNET’s Download.com. For more information on the DivX Open Video system, visit www.divxnetworks.com/products.

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