DivX Web Player

Stream 4K videos in your browser

DivX Web Player is a simple web browser extension that streams video in all the formats
that matter, including HEVC up to 4K, with progressive playback, adaptive bitrate and
experimental live streaming technologies.

Cutting edge video technology

DivX Web Player streams all the video formats that matter, including HEVC up to Ultra HD (4K)—a must-have for video quality aficionados. Watch stunning HD videos in your web browser in DivX, AVI, MOV, or MP4 through progressive playback or MKVs with adaptive streaming or experimental live streaming technologies.

Better, Faster, Smoother

With its adaptive bitrate streaming, DivX Web Player automatically adjusts video quality to ensure the best experience even when your Internet connection slows. Hardware acceleration helps your computer handle those HD streams with ease. Support for chapter points and Trick Play—our smooth FF/RW—lets you jump to your favorite scene in a single click.

Online or offline—it's your choice!

When DivX Web Player begins its progressive playback, the ability to download is available after just a few seconds. This means you can save DivX videos for offline viewing later—on your computer, in your living room or on the go with your DivX® Certified device.

All the audio you want

The simple, cross-browser video player extension delivers true 5.1 channel surround sound (with AAC audio) with your video. Support for multiple subtitles and audio tracks lets you enjoy the video in your preferred language or extras like a Director’s commentary.

Publish your videos online

Want to put DivX movies on your website or blog? DivX Web Player is free to use for embedding high-quality videos with all these features in any website or blog. You can use a simple code generator to get up and running in minutes or geek out to make a fully customized embed. Learn How.

To get started, simply download DivX Software for free on your Windows or Mac computer.