DivX TV Coverage Roundup

UPDATE: Check out www.divxtv.com to find more information about DivX TV.
It has been an exciting couple of days since we announced DivX TV. We have been busy at CES giving demos, talking to the press and meeting with bloggers. Below are just a few of the articles covering DivX TV:
DivX unveils its new form as online video-to-TV enabler (via Engadget)
DivX and LG Prepare to Bring DivX TV to the Living Room (via Mashable)
DivX TV: Online Television, No Box Required [VIDEO] (via Mashable)
DivX Expands Parnership with LG (via PC Magazine)
CES: DivX launches new Internet TV platform (via Macworld)
DivX launches Internet TV platform (via Download Squad)

Launching DivX TV in Style

UPDATE: Check out www.divxtv.com to find more information about DivX TV.
CES 2010 is officially in full swing. Everything is set up, and we will be spending the next few days showing off DivX TV, DivX Plus HD, and more. In addition to our booth at CES, DivX will be hosting a party to celebrate the launch of DivX TV at the Moon Nightclub at Palms Hotel. We’ve invited a few special guests to join us and DJ Danny Masterson will be laying down beats. Various bloggers and journalists will also be there so that they can experience DivX TV firsthand and bring you even better coverage of our new product.
Although the party is a closed event, our booth is open to everyone. Come by to chat with us, or check out a demo of DivX TV. You can find us at:
South Hall 4
Booth ID: 3545MP

Announcing DivX TV

UPDATE: Check out www.divxtv.com to find more information about DivX TV.
Everyone here at DivX has been extremely busy for the past few months. This is always a busy season for us because of CES (Consumer Electronics Show), but this year we have also been getting ready for one our biggest and most exciting announcements to date.
I’m not going to lie to you…it was hard to keep a lid on this one.
But the time has come to pull back the veil and finally fill you in on what we have been working so hard on.
Today we are announcing DivX TV.
So what is DivX TV? DivX TV brings all of your favorite Internet content and services directly to your TV or Blu-ray player without the need of a PC. You can expect a lot of new information about DivX TV to come pouring in over the next couple of days during CES. I will be there to post plenty of photos and videos to this blog as well as to Twitter. For now, you should check out this video to learn more about DivX TV:

No video? Get the DivX Plus Web Player for Windows or Mac
Download the DivX Plus HD version of this video (right click and ‘save as’)
Click here to view the video on YouTube
If you still want to learn more, then visit the DivX TV page at www.divx.com/DivXTV

Roxio CinemaNow is Now Offering Hollywood Movies in DivX Format

Everyone here at DivX is very excited about this announcement. You can now buy Hollywood content in DivX format from CinemaNow. So what does this mean? Well if a new movie like The Hangover or Terminator Salvation comes out, then you can browse on over to http://divx.cinemanow.com and purchase it right away. The movies can be played back on your PC, Mac, and DivX Certified Devices (such as the PS3).

The Brand Spanking New DivX Blog!

Yup, you heard me correctly. DivX has its very own official blog. We figured that if this guy can have one, then we can too. The DivX Blog will serve as a place for us to post photos, news, announcements, events, giveaways, and the occasional cat photo. You can still find our official website at www.divx.com. You can also browse over to http://labs.divx.com to find the latest tools and beta applications. There’s still work to be done, but we are very excited to start this. If you have any ideas or suggestions for what you would like to see on this blog, then leave us a post in the comments.

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