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Buddy Cop Films

Warner Bro’s latest movie “Cop Out” is hitting theaters today (Feb 26th). This film is about two NYPD partners played by badass Bruce Willis and not-so-badass Tracy Morgan. The unlikely combination of these two “partners against crime” sets this movie up to be a perfect addition to a long line of buddy cop movies.
Click here to go to the official “Cop Out” website.
The entire movie is a throwback and a tribute to many of the great buddy cop films that pioneered the genre. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites that you can download and purchase right now in DivX format. Before you watch “Cop Out” in the theaters, get in the mood by watching one of your favorite buddy cop dramas…or maybe you’ll find that we listed a few you’ve never watched before. The list and more is available after the break.

Lethal Weapon: Mel “Crazy Eyes” Gibson and Danny “I’m getting to old for this S#**” Glover had a fantastic chemistry that filmmakers are still trying to replicate to this day. Released during the golden age of buddy cop dramas, this movie and its sequels helped set the bar for the genre.

48 Hrs: You cannot create a list of buddy cop films without including this movie. Many consider this 1982 classic to be the film that created and defined the genre. In present day, Eddie Murphy is known for his fart jokes, silly Disney movies, and talking donkey voice-overs, but in the 80s he and Nick Nolte gave a timeless performance for this film in what was a perfect blend of action and comedy.

Rush Hour: This movie puts its own unique spin on the buddy cop genre. Jackie Chan plays a guard to the Chinese ambassador and Chris Tucker plays…well…Chris Tucker. Although many were skeptical that Jackie Chan and his broken English would mesh well with Tucker’s high pitch screams, the two had a nice chemistry that earned this film a solid seat in the buddy cop hall ‘o fame.

Bad Boys: We’ve seen a lot of different Will Smiths over the years. We’ve seen “hat sideways and rapping” Will Smith, “serious and mellow” Will smith, and “I’m-so-awesome-I-can-walk-away-from-explosions-and-not-look-back” Will Smith…this film stars the latter. Combine that with Martin Lawrence’s quirky acting and Michael Bay’s over-the-top style of directing and you have an enjoyable addition to the buddy cop genre.

There are so many more films to add to this list, but we like the number four. It is small and round. If you have another favorite buddy cop film that we left out, let us know on our Twitter or Facebook page.

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