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Cheers to New Beginnings

It’s an exciting time at DivX Headquarters and we wanted to share the news. I know the business side of DivX isn’t something you think about regularly (… or is it?), and what matters to you is how DivX technology helps you enjoy your media. Over the years, DivX has been a part of several companies (Sonic, Rovi, NeuLion), but we’re now back on our own again! If you’re interested in more details, here’s the recent press release. In a nutshell, DivX now runs independently with support from the private equity firm Fortress (imposing name, but impressive company).

Why is this good news? This means that DivX can focus on what helped us reach over 1 billion software downloads – making great products that allow our users to enjoy media on their own terms. New products and major changes don’t happen overnight, but we’re excited about this next chapter for DivX.

We think it’s going to be an amazing new beginning and we truly appreciate you sticking with us. Whether you’ve been using DivX technology since you, … um, “stumbled upon” a DivX video file in 2000 or whether you discovered DivX this week to help you convert a file, we will continue to work hard to create innovative technology for our users around the world.

Stay tuned, more good news to come…

And cheers to new beginnings!

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