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DivX Fixes Annoying iPhone Images!

New, free DivX Software for Windows is now available! In addition to being the best way to play and convert video, it just may help you stop being frustrated by iPhone images. Why? Because along with a variety of fixes and improvements, DivX Software can now convert annoying HEIC images (the default image container for iPhones) into JPG. Simply and safely drop an HEIC image onto DivX Converter, and quickly convert the file to a JPG image.DivX PlayerSpeaking of HEIC (or HEIF) images, for those of you with an iPhone – or have friends with iPhones – you may know what a pain HEIC images can be to view/share. Apple began using HEIC as the default image container beginning with iOS 11 (2017), however, not every device can easily view this type of image. You can now stop resenting iPhones exporting unique image files AND not worry about any suspect online image converters, since HEIC conversion is included in the free DivX Software for Windows (Mac coming soon).

DivX Software continues to be the best way to enjoy digital media. Included in the free software is the DivX Player (amazing video playback in up to 4K quality), DivX Converter (drag and drop conversion of tons of formats) and DivX Media Server (cast video from your computer to your TV). Want more audio features, no ads, cloud storage connection and other advanced features? Check out what you get with DivX Pro.

Download the latest version of DivX Software for Windows (version 10.8.10) to take advantage of all the updates.

Download Windows Software

Stream to TV with PS4 and DivX Media Server

By Jeremy Park

If you’re like me then you have years and years worth of digital videos stored on your computer hard drive(s). Files upon files of family vacations, kids growing up, plus that hearty collection of Internet videos. Whether it’s to comment on my changing hair color or to see themselves as babies, my kids love to watch the videos I took of them over the years. Sometimes we just watch those videos on the computer using DivX Player, however my kids prefer when I cast those videos to our big screen TV in our family room. To enjoy my home movies on the TV, I simply use the DivX Media Server to stream video to our Playstation. Don’t have a gaming console? No problem, DivX Media Server will work with nearly any smart TV that’s connected to the same WiFi network.

What is the DivX Media Server?

The DivX Media Server is part of our free DivX Player and it allows you to serve and send video files on your PC or Mac to a device on your home network (for example, your smart TV or gaming console). If you’re curious about how this works, the playback is done through DLNA. Remember that the device you’re streaming to must also be able to support playback of the format of your video file. 

I use a PS4 to stream my content from my computer to my TV … which is more relaxing than getting yelled at by angry teammates during Call of Duty. Here’s how I use the DivX Media server with my PS4:

1. Make sure that the PC and PS4 are on the same WiFi network.

2. Install DivX Player (part of free DivX Software) and enable the DivX Media Server.

3. Add the folders containing your videos to the DivX Media Server

4. If needed, install Media Player on your PS4. This can be downloaded from the PlayStation store (see below)

PS4 streaming with DivX Media ServerPS4 streaming with DivX Media ServerPS4 streaming with DivX Media Server
5. On the PS4 open the Media Player and select the DivX Media server from the list of available media servers.

6. Navigate to your videos and enjoy them on the big screen.

PS4 streaming with DivX Media Server

Keep in mind that whether you can play your videos will depend on the video formats supported by the device you are serving videos to. You can expand support to include .mkv files by also installing FFMPEG for transcoding.

For more information of the DivX Media Server check out our FAQs or take look at our previous video tutorials on using the DivX Media Server:

Main header image by press 👍 and ⭐ from Pixabay (with TV image modified)

DivX Media Server 101: Part 1

Is your hard drive filled with videos that you want to watch on another screen? Instead of burning a disc or copying to USB, use the DivX Media Server in DivX Player to stream your movies and TV shows instantly to another device like your Smart TV, PS3, Roku or Samsung Galaxy tablet.
In our video tutorial series—DivX Media Server 101—we’ll walk you through setting up the media server on your computer and playing your videos on the most popular devices. Watch DivX Media Server 101: Part 1 now:

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Stream to Your Biggest Home Screen with DivX Player

Want to stream video to the biggest screen in your home? Of course you do. And you can! Just download DivX Software and use its DivX Media Server, included free in DivX Player, with a DLNA compatible device.

Watch the video on YouTube

Easy! Got questions about DLNA streaming with DivX Media Server? Check out our support forums.

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