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New Year: New and Improved DivX

It’s been an eventful year for DivX! We’re excited to round out 2018 with an update to our software (version 10.8.7 is now live) and the launch of a new website.

After DivX® became independent again this year, we had a lot of work to establish ourselves as a standalone company. Fortunately, we’ve wrapped up the behind-the-scenes work and are ready to move forward. The first step is the release of a new version of our free software.

The launch of DivX 10.8.7 brings you a smoother, better operating software suite. Play a variety of video formats up to 4K in DivX Player, cast video from your computer to your TV with the media server within Player, or drag and drop video files onto DivX Converter to convert video to play on your computer, phone, tablet or device. (Check the version history for specifics on what’s new.) You can download the free version and start using DivX 10.8.7 today. Plus, if you want the best possible experience, get DivX Pro® to make the most of your video. Learn more about why it’s worth it to buy DivX Pro.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve redesigned our website. In addition to a new design, we tried to streamline information to make the site easier to use and more valuable to our visitors. Check it out and see for yourself. You can find out information about DivX Software, learn about the features of DivX Pro, search for DivX Certified® devices or get your Support questions answered. If you have any specific feedback, please let us know.

As we start a new year, we’re excited about what comes next. Thanks for being a part of our history as well as our future.

Happy holidays and happy new year!
-The DivX Team

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