Two Simple Ways to Cast Video to Your TV

I’m no psychic, so don’t be freaked out, but I’m guessing you have videos saved on your computer. And even more videos – maybe a million or so – on your phone. Was I right? You probably also have a TV that is a larger and more comfortable screen to watch your videos. You also like bacon and gummy bears and sometimes lay awake at night wondering why they haven’t made a remake of “Demolition Man” yet. Okay, maybe I’m a little psychic.
Demolition Man
What’s not to love? It’s got Stallone and Snipes cryogenically frozen … and even Dan Cortese (from MTV Sports fame in the ’90’s) as a ‘Taco Bell Entertainer’. Need I say more?
So, you have all these videos on small screens – let us help you enjoy them on your big screen! There are two easy (and FREE) ways to do this with DivX tools.

Get comfortable on your couch and watch your videos (not just DivX files) from your computer to your TV. Cast to a connected TV, Roku, Chromecast, PS3, Xbox and more. Available on Windows and Mac
1. Make sure DivX Media Server has sharing turned on. To do this:
Open DivX Player, rollover the DivX Media Server icon in the bottom right of the control bar and select “Settings”. You can also access the settings using Player> Tools> Stream Videos…
   Streaming icon on DivX Player for Mac
Make sure “Sharing” is turned to ON. Note that your TV or device must be on the same network as your computer.
DivX Media Server
   Sharing on DivX Player for Windows
2. From the DivX Media Server icon in the bottom right (again), select “Stream To” to select a video and choose your cast device. If a video is currently playing in DivX Player when you select “Stream To”, that video that will be casted. (You can also right-click on a video in your library and select “Stream To”.)
3. Your video should start playing on your TV!
If you run into any challenges, please check out our Support site for more help with DivX Media Server. Note that instead of casting, you can also change your input on the TV or device to find DivX Media Server and pull videos directly from your computer. Your TV or device should be a DLNA Client in this case.
What devices work with DivX Media Server?
Lots of devices! Many smart TVs (LG, Samsung, etc.) as well as most media streamers (Roku, Chromecast, etc.) plus game consoles (Xbox, PlayStation).
Free Software
DivX Media Server comes with free DivX Software.

Connect to your TV and cast your videos (taken by your phone or saved to your phone) onto your TV. DivX Mobile works with Android or iPhone
1, Download the free DivX Mobile app for Android or iPhone.
2. Open your shiny, new app and choose a video from “My Videos” (or a photo from “My Photos”)
DivX Mobile
   Yes, I know, I have a lot of photos. My food doesn’t take pictures of itself.
3. Once you’ve picked a video, choose “Cast” and pick a device that’s on your network
   We’ve cleverly named the casting button, “Cast”.
4. Your video should start playing on your TV!
What devices work with the DivX Mobile app?
The app works with Android or iPhone, but you can cast to many different devices including smart TVs (LG, Samsung, etc.), media streamers (Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, etc.) and game consoles (Xbox, PlayStation).

Download DivX Mobile for FREE today:
apple_app_store google_play_store

Now go out there, sit your butt on your coach and cast some videos!

DivX 10.7: Head in the Clouds, Eyes on the Screen

DivX 10.7 is now live! (Feel free to stop reading to go download the free update.) So why is this news? Well, there are several new features that we’re excited about. First off, if you use a Roku box, you can now easily stream video to Roku through DivX Media Server (in DivX Player). But the feature we’re most excited about is Cloud Connect.
Free Update
Cloud Connect enables DivX Software to sync videos from Google Drive and Dropbox. This means you can easily import videos from cloud storage to watch in DivX Player, or convert them into any profile with DivX Converter. You can even save converted videos directly to cloud storage to save space on your computer.
cloud_connectCloud Connect
When you download free DivX Software, you get a 15-day trial of Cloud Connect. If you like it, you can purchase Cloud Connect separately, or as part of the DivX Pro Bundle. (Keep in mind that when you buy DivX Pro, you save 50% compared to buying each pro feature separately.) If you already own DivX Pro, you’re in luck … Cloud Connect is included when you update to DivX 10.7. Learn more about DivX Pro.
Buy-Pro Buy-CC
See what else is new in the latest version of DivX Software … then download it and start making the most of your media.

DivX Announces First DivX Certified® Contact Lens

New advanced contact lens plays DivX Plus® HD video with only minor discomfort to eyes

SAN DIEGO, April 01, 2012 – DivX today announced to a roomful of confused press the world’s first DivX Plus® Certified contact lens for easy and mostly painless video on the go. The new lens plays high-quality DivX® (.avi and .divx) and DivX Plus (.mkv) video on a flexible screen fitted to the user’s eyes.

Available soon to consumers worldwide, the DivontaX™ lens provides dazzling HD video playback conveniently in front of your vision at all times. The direct lens display delivers an unrivaled screen quality for a better and moderately safe viewing experience. Weighing in at only .24 pounds (109g), it includes 16 GB or 32GB of internal storage. This means that, in addition to it being the heaviest contact lens on the market, consumers can take up to 10 HD or 20 standard definition movies with them wherever they go.

“Is it comfortable? No. Does it make blinking prohibitively difficult? Yes. Are there inherent dangers in blocking your vision with high-quality DivX video? Of course. Wait — are you writing this down?” said Ryan Taylor, Director of DivX Ocular Research & Knowledge (DORK) division as he trailed off and walked away.

Like all DivX Certified products, no file conversion is required in order to enjoy high-quality DivX video on the DivontaX™ lens. Consumers can load their video libraries of both standard definition and HD movies onto the lens through a painful micro USB port. With the assistance of a friend or two, lenses can be inserted into the eyes, and then movie collections can be enjoyed anywhere viewers choose. The lenses also support the secure playback of major Hollywood titles in the DivX format from leading studios.

We are extremely proud to debut the first contact lens to play DivX video,” said Larry I. Elly, Senior Vice President of Improbable Technologies, DivX, LLC. “The DivontaX™ lens is truly a ground-breaking product, and we know that our customers will gladly forsake blinking in order to enjoy the ultimate digital video experience.”

Until DivX Certified contact lens are denied–I mean approved–by the FDA, customers can continue to enjoy DivX video on any DivX Certified device. For a list of available products that play DivX video, visit

For more information about DivX, visit

For more information about contact lens technology, visit your optometrist.

About DivX
DivX, LLC, is a leading digital media company that enables consumers to enjoy a high-quality video experience across any kind of device…maybe even contact lenses…but don’t count on it. Gazillions of DivX playback devices have shipped into the market worldwide. Not sure if anyone reads this part of a release, but if you do, you represent the rare individual who still appreciates the written word. Those of us that write these types of documents salute your patience and persistence in continuing reading, even though I’m clearly just filling space since my manager said this section should be at least 120 words. So this should just about do it. Go DivX!

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