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Whether you want to do some simple video conversion or advanced encoding, DivX Converter is the perfect tool. It’s so simple to use … even *I* can use it (crowd gasps). Once you have DivX Software installed – which is free – simply drag a video file on to the converter, pick a profile and click “Start”. Boom. That’s it. You just converted a video.

DivX Converter
Simply drag, drop and convert with DivX Converter.

So you know that it’s easy to convert video to popular formats (for example convert an .avi file to an .mp4 file), but why would you need to this?

There are many reasons why you may need to convert/encode/compress a video. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • CREATING A SMALLER FILE SIZE: By using the technology included in DivX Converter, you can compress your video file size without losing any significant quality. Say goodbye to massive video files.
  • MAKING THE FILE COMPATIBLE WITH ANOTHER DEVICE: Say you have .wmv file you want to play on your iPhone or iPad. Just convert it with the preset profile for your device to create a compatible .mp4 file. Don’t let file formats drag you down.
  • BACK UP DVDS: With DivX Pro and the included MPEG-2 Plug-in, you can convert non-encrypted DVDs so you can have a digital backup of your personal video collection.

In addition to the quick and simple video conversion in the free DivX Software, there are several “advanced features” of DivX Converter in the paid version. Below we’ll take a quick look at some of benefits of using the features included with DivX Pro. These features are available with DivX Pro to give you even more value from DivX Converter.

  • Trim video: Have a video with some wasted time in the beginning and/or end? Using this feature allows you to choose a starting and end point before you begin your conversion. When your file is done, it will be converted to the profile you chose, plus at the length you specified. Learn more about trimming your video.
  • Crop, rotate/flip: Filmed a video sideways? No problem. Just rotate the video until it’s correct. Or crop the borders of your video to center your subject, for example.
  • Add a custom watermark: Want to put your brand on your videos? Simply upload a logo/image, choose the level of transparency and you’re good to go.
Trimming a video in DivX Converter.


Lead photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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